• Philip Rigby

Has Mask Wearing Made You Rethink Your Oral Hygiene?

Let’s face it, there is nothing more revealing of mouth freshness as when you first pop on your mask, something a lot more Australians have had to do in these COVID times.

What may have gone unnoticed previously is most definitely “in your face!”

A survey commissioned by HCF revealed as many as 10% were skipping tooth brushing daily during COVID lockdowns. 27% of respondents admitted to only brushing their teeth when they felt “furry” and 20% only brushed their teeth when they left home.

There is no doubt that the extended lockdowns have had their impact on our mental health and the flow on effects of reduced motivation for self-care. This really emphasizes the importance of forming regular life-long habits that will endure and help during the difficult times.

Having clean teeth and fresh breath can certainly boost your confidence. Treat yourself to an electric toothbrush. Book in for a professional clean at least once a year to help keep your smile at its best. Your team of friendly dentists at Brookfield Road Dental at Kenmore are here to help.

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