• Dr Phil Rigby

Are Antacids Bad For Your Teeth?

We have previously discussed the negative effects of acid reflux on dental health here.

Chewing antacid tablets are a quick and convenient method to help with symptoms of upset stomach and heartburn, but there can also be dental side-effects that you may not be aware of.

Antacids can cause dry mouth, which can limit your saliva’s ability to neutralize acids in the mouth and wash away food debris.

Antacids often contain sucrose or glucose liquid (SUGAR!!) which can result in tooth decay.

Another issue is that if your acid reflux problem is not well controlled, managing with antacid tablets may result in a viscous cycle where your body reacts to antacid therapy by producing even more acid.

If you need relief from symptoms by using antacids

* try taking them with food

* rinse out with water as soon as possible afterwards

* don’t brush teeth for at least 30 minutes

Better still, see your GP for expert advice on managing your reflux and heartburn issues and see your friendly dentists at Brookfield Road Dental at Kenmore to ensure your teeth stay healthy.

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