• Dr Phil Rigby

How Safe Is Tooth Whitening For Teens?

This is a complex question to answer but one our dentists at our Kenmore practice hear increasingly these days. The influence of social media in particular can have teens questioning their appearance and wondering if there is something wrong with their teeth.

In part this issue can be addressed by the knowledge that “artificially white” and “naturally healthy” can be two separate things when it comes to the appearance of our teeth. Our team of dentists at Kenmore will always promote healthy teeth and gums as the most important factor in looking good and feeling well. Unrealistic expectations of unnaturally white teeth can be as harmful to one’s self esteem as well as one’s teeth.

It doesn't help that when our adult teeth first erupt the enamel is more translucent and can appear yellowish in comparison to our first teeth, which tend to look whiter because they are more opaque. Our adult teeth take some time to fully mature after they erupt; the pulp or “nerve” of the teeth not fully maturing until at least 14 years of age. This is why the team at Brookfield Road Dental do not recommend tooth whitening until at least 16 years of age, preferably older, to ensure tooth sensitivity and potential trauma to the dental pulp are minimised.

If you are considering tooth whitening for yourself or your teen, for your wellbeing see your Dentist first to get the best information. Avoid over the counter or online specials. Only your Dentist has the expertise to assess your teeth and gums and provide a whitening solution that will achieve safe, predictable results. For more information see here.

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