• Dr Phil Rigby

Are You Suffering Dental Erosion?

Dental erosion happens when the enamel of your teeth is dissolved away by being exposed to acid. This can result from acidic foods and drinks in our diet such as soft drinks juice and sports drinks. What many people do not realise is that our own acid, as a result of reflux or vomiting can play a major role in dental erosion.

This erosion can result in loss of the hard white tooth enamel which can lead to yellowish depressions appearing on your teeth. As well as the cosmetic issues erosion can greatly increase sensitivity of teeth and lead to more complex issues such as the breakdown of teeth requiring complex restoration.

Prevention as always is the best measure. See your Dentist regularly for check-ups. Your Dentist may prescribe tooth conditioners to help minimise the problems of enamel loss and sensitivity. Check with your doctor if reflux and other issues could be the cause. Carefully consider your dietary choices and maximise your hydration with fluoridated tap water.

For more information see here or here.


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