• Phil Rigby

Is Flossing A Waste Of Time?

A recently published article suggested that there was no health benefit to flossing. Some would argue that we can now get rid of years of guilt because of our irregular flossing and move on to a brave new world of floss free dental care.

Woman flossing

Before you all throw a floss burning party there are a couple of things to consider. All Dental professionals agree on the importance of cleaning between your teeth. Physically disturbing the layer of bacterial plaque helps to break it down and keep our teeth and gums healthier. It just so happens that flossing is one of a number of ways to do this. Discuss with your Dental professional whether the alternatives including interdental brushes, water flossers and Waterpiks are suitable in your case.

For more information see http://www.livescience.com/55737-should-you-floss-what-experts-say.html or see your friendly team at Brookfield Road Dental at Kenmore.

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