• Philip Rigby

Things Are Getting Better!

We have great news from your team of dentists at Brookfield Road Dental Kenmore. Due to the ongoing suppression of the Covid-19 curve, dentistry in Queensland has been moved down to level 2 restrictions, meaning that we are able to conduct a wider range of treatment options whilst keeping both you and our staff safe.

You may notice some changes will be here for the long term, such as hand sanitiser at the front counter and no waiting room magazines (or toys!?!), but our care and personalised service will always be paramount.

Please stand by for further news as we are confident dentistry will go to level one restrictions in days. Once we confirm this we will be able to see you for checkups and cleans. This means a lot to everyone as it is our mission here at Brookfield Road Dental Kenmore to partner you in the prevention of dental disease so that you can maintain healthy teeth and gums for life.

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