• Philip Rigby

Stained Teeth Affecting Your Confidence?

Having visible stains on your teeth is never a good look and can play havoc with your image and confidence. Foods that have the most potential to stain include tea, coffee, red wine and some foods such as curries and berries to name a couple.

Our advice is certainly to avoid the types of foods and drinks that are most hazardous to your dental health such as cola drinks, which combine acid which weakens your dental enamel plus the staining compounds.

But what to do if you want to minimise the staining of the foods you love?

Rinsing with water immediately afterwards is a great start. Did you also know that there are foods which can be eaten after the staining foods which naturally clean teeth to help reduce staining such as apples, celery and carrot.

Next time you are having drinks and nibbles, don’t forget the “healthy” snacking options… They might just save you some embarrassment!

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