• Philip Rigby

Don’t Let Covid Stop You from Getting A Clean

In these worrying times it is only normal to prioritize the things that are most important in our lives and put off what we feel is not necessary. Our health, and that of our families naturally comes to the front of our consciousness.

In our dental practice at Kenmore in Brisbane’s western suburbs we have been very fortunate not to have suffered the levels of community spread of Covid that other parts of Australia have endured but even so we have noticed a tendency in the public to delay more routine and preventive dental treatment such as a scale and clean.

Our team of dentists is focussed on prevention of disease and need to get the word out that you periodontal (or gum) health should not be overlooked. Multiple studies have demonstrated associations between the health of your gums and more general and serious health conditions such as heart disease and cancer. Whilst more research needs to be done to get a better understanding of how periodontal health impacts your general health, the take home message is that maintaining health gums (and teeth!) is in everyone’s best interests.

For more information see here and don’t put off that fresh mouth and polished smile feel only your dental team can deliver.

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