• Philip Rigby


Recently a news story highlighted the popularity of so called “Fixed Price” dental services and how this may better help people to budget for their dental treatment.

Firstly our team of dentists at Brookfield Road Dental at Kenmore wish to reassure you that any quotation for treatment will be honoured; In other words you can be sure that the price you have been quoted IS fixed and that we will do our best to keep you informed of your treatment options and associated costs before we begin any treatment.

The main consideration for anyone having dental treatment should be the relationship you have with your Dentist.

Can you trust your Dentist to act in a professional manner?

Will there be a strong likelihood that you will see the same dentist over an extended period of time and have the opportunity to build a professional relationship?

Is your Dentist’s prime objective to act in your best interests and to deliver a high standard of dental care in a timely and caring manner?

Are you satisfied that your dentist delivers a quality service and the fees that you pay are reasonable? In other words are you receiving value for money?

At Brookfield Road Dental we will always say that prevention is the key to minimising dental costs.

If you have a trusting relationship with your dental professional you are in the best position to not only experience healthy teeth and gums but to also best manage the financial cost.

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