• Dr Phil Rigby

Don’t Miss Out on Free Dental Care From Medicare

We have covered this issue before in our blogs from Brookfield Road Dental but it is worth repeating. Your child may be eligible to have their dental treatment (including check-up, x-rays, cleaning and fillings) covered by the Medicare CDBS scheme. We still see families that are not aware of the scheme or that do not take advantage of its benefits.

The cost of dental treatment can be a major barrier for families to access dental care but this scheme certainly removes one major obstacle.

Fear of dental treatment by both parents and children alike is another stumbling block to accessing dental treatment. Our team of friendly dentists at Brookfield Road Dental at Kenmore will always place prevention at the top of our priorities. This means families are encouraged to seen their dentist regularly. This allows us to build relationships and trust and if any further care is required it is addressed early on to minimise the need for traumatic or invasive treatment.

For more information on the Medicare CDBS and to check eligibility see here.

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