• Dr Phil Rigby

Do You Have A Problem With Reflux?

Dental erosion happens when the enamel layer of our teeth is dissolved away because of exposure to an acidic environment. There can be many sources of this acid, but one that may be overlooked is acid coming from our stomach.

Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease or “GORD” is a condition where stomach acid can rise up our food pipe and sometimes go all the way into the mouth. This can give rise to symptoms such as heart-burn or chest pains, a bad taste or odour in the mouth and a persistent cough.

The issue is that for some individuals the first sign of any reflux problem is when their dentist notices acid erosion of teeth at a routine dental check-up. Other dental signs can be yellowing of the teeth and general tooth sensitivity.

The message that out dentists at Brookfield Road Dental Kenmore wish to get out there is that even if you are unaware of any reflux symptoms, there is a strong correlation between tooth erosion and GORD. If your dentist has diagnosed dental erosion it would be a good idea to talk to your general practitioner and discuss if further investigation for GORD is warranted.

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