• Dr Phil Rigby

How Damaging Can Some Drinks Be To My Teeth?

This is a question Dentists at our Kenmore practice hear quite often. This conversation often starts with someone noticing the wearing down of tooth enamel, known as erosion, and the discomfort of tooth sensitivity. Dental erosion happens when dental enamel is exposed to an acidic solution causing the weakening and breakdown of the mineral structure of the tooth. These days we are all aware of advertising for sensitive toothpastes, which certainly have their place, but what can we do to help prevent the condition in the first place?

Have a serious look at what you drink, particularly on a regular basis. We all know the healthiest and cheapest way to maintain adequate hydration is drinking plain tap water. See here.

This is not only at a neutral pH, but in the council areas that artificially fluoridate their water, populations will also receive the benefits of this proven public health measure.

Soft drinks like Pepsi and Coca-Cola have pH values a little above 2 making them very acidic and highly likely to erode your precious enamel. What is often overlooked is that other carbonated waters, mineral drinks and even coffee are also mildly acidic, and can also contribute to the problem of erosion and sensitivity, especially if we add acidic fruits to them.

Our advice from our dentists at Brookfield Road Dental is to stick to tap water as your regular “go to” drink and avoid frequent consumption of other beverages as much as possible. Think of it as your proactive measure to prevent tooth erosion and maintain a healthy smile.

For more information see here.

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