• Dr Phil Rigby

When Should My Child First See The Dentist?

This is a question we hear frequently at our Kenmore Dental Practice. The simple answer is by the time the child reaches the age of 2, (although guidelines vary with different countries' dental professional associations).

The most important thing is that we get your child used to seeing a dentist in a relaxed manner early on so that we can detect any issues before they start causing pain. Not only that, we can help you with advice and encouragement to ensure that your kids grow up with the best chance of having healthy teeth and gums through good eating and hygiene habits.

Check your child’s eligibility for dental services under the Child Dental Benefit Scheme which can cover part or all the cost of your child’s dental treatment. See here.

Our team of dedicated Dentists at Brookfield Road Dental Kenmore are here to partner with you and your kids to have having healthy, happy smiles.

For more information see here.


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