• Philip Rigby

Charcoal Toothpaste – Worth The Hype?

Toothpastes containing charcoal as their main active ingredient have been widely promoted in recent times. Using charcoal to clean teeth has been around since ancient times but with widespread advocacy by Instagram influencers and internet bloggers alike, is there substance behind the hype and are these products safe and effective for use by you and your family?

Positive claims include whitening and breath-freshening benefits, remineralization of teeth, stain removal and even detoxifying effects on your teeth and gums. The problem is that claims such as these need to be backed up by solid evidence.

The Journal of the American Dental Association recently conducted a literature review looking at claims made and any proven benefits from using these products and their findings should urge us to be cautious…

“There is insufficient scientific evidence that these products effectively promote tooth whitening, oral detoxification, or provide any therapeutic properties”.

As well as unproven claims of safety of these products, there is no evidence of their ability to promote enamel remineralization as few if any of the charcoal toothpastes contain proven ingredients in this area such as fluoride. Abrasiveness has been noted as another problem, which means that charcoal may remove surface stains but wear on your enamel.

Our team of Dentists at Kenmore will only recommend oral care products of the highest quality that have the backing of solid scientific research. For more information see here.

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