• Phil Rigby

Adult Teeth Coming In Behind Baby Teeth

Many parents can become concerned when they look into their child’s mouth and see adult teeth coming in behind baby teeth. The common term “Shark’s Teeth” does not do anything to reassure!

Children often begin to lose baby teeth and get permanent teeth between the ages of 5 and 7. Usually if the erupting adult tooth is directly under the baby tooth it will cause the roots of the baby tooth to resorb so that it can fall out. If the adult tooth is not aligned so well the baby tooth may remain in place as the adult tooth erupts, giving rise to 2 rows of teeth.

Often the baby teeth will loosen and fall out in time without any outside help. Only if the baby tooth is hardly loose or not loose at all will intervention from your Dentist be required by way of removing the baby tooth. The position of the new adult teeth may improve in time as the tongue and lip work together to align the teeth, however your Dentist may need to monitor the situation for need for orthodontic correction.

Please ask our friendly team of Dentists at Kenmore if you have any concerns regarding your child’s teeth.

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