• Dr Phil Rigby

Are You Suffering From Dry Mouth?

Women smiling showing teeth

Dry mouth is not only an uncomfortable condition to live with but can also lead to more serious issues. Some of the causes can arise from medical issues, medication taken and even treatment for other conditions.

Common complaints are sore dry burning mouth, problems with tasting and swallowing and even bad breath. The dental issues that can result are gum disease, tooth decay and thrush.

Whilst treating the causes of dry mouth can be challenging, practical measures to deal with the condition include staying well hydrated, chewing sugar free gum and using a special artificial saliva to lubricate the mouth. Dietary choices are critical.

Your friendly team of dentists at Kenmore can also advise you with special products designed to protect your precious enamel against tooth decay.

For more information read this fact sheet from Queensland Health.

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