Tooth Whitening

In Brisbane, Tooth Whitening is becoming more and more popular.

Teeth can become discoloured by smoking, certain dietary habits and most commonly, with age. These days many patients are looking for whiter and brighter teeth to improve their smile.

Tooth Whitening – Methods

There are several tooth whitening methods. These include blue light bleaching, laser bleaching and the use of trays containing bleaching material.

At Brookfield Road Dental we recommend the use of bleaching trays because they produce great results and are cost effective. These trays are very thin transparent plastic trays that are custom made to fit over your teeth. These trays hold the bleaching agent in close contact with the teeth. Trays are often worn overnight and you will expect to see results in about a week.

How Long Does Tooth Whitening Last

The longevity of tooth whitening varies depending on personal circumstances. However, as teeth continue to age, there is a tendency for them to become more yellow. That’s why we recommend the use of bleaching trays. You can re-use these trays in the future. All you need to do is obtain new bleach material from Brookfield Road Dental and you can repeat the whitening process periodically.

Tooth Whitening – Considerations

It is safest to have your teeth whitened by a dentist because your dentist will carefully assess your teeth and gums before the whitening process. Defective fillings and tooth decay need to be fixed before bleaching is done. The custom made trays ensure your soft tissues are not exposed to bleaching agents.

It is important to note that fillings and dental crowns do not bleach. After bleaching is complete, it may be necessary to replace some of these fillings to ensure their colour matches the newly whitened teeth.

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