Our Philosophy

In the more than 20 years since our Kenmore dental practice was established, Brookfield Road Dental has become part of the fabric of this vibrant and family-focused community.

Throughout this period, we have successfully developed a true sense of our community’s needs, and continue to strive to maintain a philosophy of care that reflects those needs.

Building and Maintaining Relationships

Whether you are a new patient, or a third generation one, we will invest the time and care needed to understand you, and any medical conditions or social issues that may have an impact on your dental well-being.

Preventative Dental Care

By encouraging regular checkups, our dentists are in the best position to detect problems with your oral health before they require complex and expensive procedures. By offering regular examination reminders and professional cleaning, we will keep your teeth looking their best, which will have lifelong benefits to the health of your mouth.

High Quality Care

Each member of the Brookfield Road Dental practice is committed to delivering you high quality dental care.  We all thrive in a no-rush environment, and will never cut-corners for the sake of expediency.

Patient Involvement

We encourage our patients to participate in the decision making process whenever the need arises. We aim to provide you with the best information, on the latest techniques, in language that you will understand.

Full Range of Services

By providing a full range of services, our Kenmore dental team can provide a holistic approach to dental care.   We strive to be your experts in all facets of dental care, from family dentistry through to cosmetic dentistry.

Specialist Referrals

When we identify the need for Specialist dental procedures or dental surgery, we will only ever refer you to trusted Specialists with whom we have strong professional relationships.

Continuing Education

Each of our Kenmore dentists participate in continuing education programs to ensure that we all remain up to date with the latest dental techniques, scientific advances, and new technologies.  In so doing, we are confident in our ability to deliver the best dental care possible to our patients.

Professional Associations

We encourage further professional development through the various Associations and Colleges to which our Dentists belong, including the Australian Dental Association and the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons.

After over 20 years as one of the premier Kenmore dental practices, Brookfield Road Dental continues to serve the community in the best way it can – with professional, high quality dental care.