Why Aren’t You A Preferred Provider?

Brookfield Road Dental is a registered provider of dental services with all Australian health funds. However, some of the major health funds have recently introduced programmes where so called “Preferred Providers” receive more favourable rebates for their patients than those not participating in the scheme. Brookfield Road Dental is not a “Preferred Provider” for the following reasons.

There are no particular standards that a preferred provider must attain. Participation is based solely on the dentist signing a contract that allows the health funds to set the fees a dentist can charge for a particular service.

Along with the Australian Dental Association, we feel a situation where different patients with the same insurance policy receive different rebates for the same procedure, based solely on who performs such procedures, is less than ideal. We believe patients should choose their dentist based on who they feel is the right practitioner for them rather than a medical insurance company attempting to subvert that process.

We also feel that such a  relationship between health funds and dentists invariably leads to health funds having a major influence on clinical decision making by determining which procedures attract higher fees and rebates. Over time, health funds reduce the fees paid to dentists. For those practices who have a patient base made up mostly of patients seeking a “preferred provider”, the effect is that to remain profitable (and hence in business)  savings need to be found in other areas. The concern is that this can lead to decisions to cut corners on the quality of materials used, the quality and training of staff and other areas. Of great concern also is that some dentists may be tempted to over service (i.e. over treat) patients in an attempt to remain profitable.

At Brookfield Road Dental, we believe our primary role is to serve our patients. We believe our responsibility is to provide you with a comprehensive examination and offer you a range of treatment options suited to your individual circumstances, not just those options that happen to benefit large multinational corporations.

Do You Do Cosmetic Dentistry?

Yes we do. All of our dentists are very experienced in all facets of cosmetic dentistry. We assess each patient on a case by case basis and then tailor a solution to the individual needs of that patient.

Can You Provide Mouthguards?

Yes we can. We provide custom made mouthguards that are made by taking an impression of your teeth. Typically it takes about three (3) days for one to be made but if arranged in advance, we can have it made sooner.

Do You Treat Children?

Yes, we treat patients of all ages! We’re committed to making a child’s first dental experience positive. That’s why we encourage children to come along to their parent’s appointment. While we provide most treatment for our paediatric patients, there is, on occasion, a need to involve a specialist. Should this need arise, we will, in consultation with a parent or guardian, arrange referral to a trusted professional colleague.

How Much Does a Filling Cost?

It’s not possible to provide an accurate quote over the phone because we have not been able to assess your individual situation clinically. Even when we have provided a fee estimate, any unforeseen circumstances can lead to a change in the actual amount charged. However, please be assured we are mindful of keeping fees fair and reasonable.