Brookfield Road Dental – Your Kenmore Dentist

Like so many in Brisbane’s Kenmore community, Brookfield Road Dental practice has grown and matured over the years. And, just like its residents, our Kenmore dental team has kept pace with changing technologies while keeping a family focus.

As part of the vibrant Kenmore area for over 20 years, Brookfield Road Dental has earned a reputation for delivering clinical excellence to its patients, in a trusted and caring environment.

Our patients have confidence in the knowledge that in order to deliver superior dental outcomes, each member of our team of Kenmore dentists participates in regular continuing education programs.  By keeping abreast of technique and technology changes, we continue to offer a full range of services, from family dentistry to all types of cosmetic dentistry.

The Brookfield Road Difference

It is because we have such a long-term community involvement, that we have a sound understanding of the range of services that you expect from your local Kenmore dentist.

Having been with many of our patients from infancy through to school years, and into parenthood, we are now seeing the children, and even grandchildren, of our earliest patients.  Loyalty such as this can only be achieved by offering prevention and comprehensive dentistry in a friendly and caring environment.

Our recipe for delivering clinical excellence is simple: we take the time to understand your concerns, and never rush or cut corners.  We are with you for the long-term, with an ongoing commitment to providing the high level of service that you expect of your Kenmore dentist.

Our Patients

The Kenmore community is a family-focused, yet vibrant and progressive one, that understands that quality dental care can impact lives in so many ways -

  • Regular childhood checkups help to instill dental hygiene habits for life
  • Both adults and children with good teeth are more confident
  • Having the confidence to smile is great for developing interpersonal skills
  • Early detection of dental problems can prevent the need for more complex procedures later
  • Non-dental health issues can sometimes be identified by dental symptoms
  • Making a good first impression is important in business and social situations

In entrusting your dental care to a Kenmore dentist at Brookfield Road Dental, you can have confidence that we will welcome you, too, as a valued client.